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She believes his face is pretty BUT, he's a douche

Updated: Apr 16

Photography by Ankit Aggarwal

Sky Jaames is a fictional character in Priyanka Sarkar's short film "ASHANTI".

He enjoys his little shallow asylum, which has been worked over the years, and he takes it with him any place he goes and frequently prefers to run inside this little dark safe house of his. He is for the most part merely existing on a superficial level and not living. Likewise, the dividers of this purported home are worked out of nowhere and that is the reason it will in general blur away when the light comes. He can come out of it when he wants to yet, he needs an outside wellspring of light vitality to drag him out of his tragedies and hidden depression from all the unreleased feelings he has been smothering for years.

Separated from his family at an extremely adolescent age, Sky is charming, mysterious and makes his way through what he wants. He was the deceptive calm in the eye of the storm full of surprises.

With his captivating gleamy eyes and alluring smile, he represents nothing less than a delusion.

In hours of darkness, he seemed as vivid as the North Star with the ray of hope but, only to mislead. His sense of humor with that electric personality was surely hard to deny. Unlike so many other guys who are one-dimensional, humorous people have a beautiful complex to them which often is hidden behind their smiles and actions. A self-absorbed sociopath, he seemed to be the director, producer, and actor of his own show, and often cast everyone in and out of it, whenever he felt like.

Sky was the dark illusion.

Just like a snake charmer, he could mesmerize. His idea of love represents betrayal itself. He was loaded with words without any action and demanded unconditional love whereas he was incapable to indeed love.

Sky sure knew very well to intimidate people and he had sufficiently mastered this skill so well throughout his life span that it came to him quite naturally now. He efficiently is a people pleaser and says only what people typically want to hear. He possesses these superpowers to interpret a person’s likes and dislikes to weave a story around those lines only to deceive them. His selfish acts remain a creative way to protect himself and it was the only way he understood self-worth.

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