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Peculiar Exaggeration

Updated: Apr 17

Photography by Ankit Aggarwal

When I first came on the stage as a five-year-old, it seemed the safest place for me, despite the chaos of performing. With this love for the stage, music and dance, lies the fantasy world, where I live in. Dance, music and film have become an integral part of my life which makes me happy, sad, overwhelmed, excited, and shocked and give me goosebumps every time I step on the stage.

Individuality has been the central inspiration for my creations.

A filmmaker, dancer and artist's perspective allows me to create my artistically driven short films with an influence of fashion and themes surrounding the complex human contemplation with the self.

The remorseful sight of Juanita’s sufferings from loving the wrong, Charlie’s longingness awaits attention from past memories. The path of awakening leads to light-headedness through the onset of fall with tingling sensations of falling in love all over again. The carefree soul’s negligence led to past unsettled emotions to knock the devil’s door but, the higher conscience surfaced at the dawn with vividness. The free-spirited Anna thrived the altered state of mind to attain peace and came in terms with the inner-self. Far away somewhere in the fifth dimension, countless emotions surfaced with a pounding heart-beat, Luna Starr fell on the ground, heart-broken. Her capacity to imagine quiet beyond the present, gave her the power to be unconditional. The vivid dawn gave strength to enjoy freedom while the music fed the soul.


Photography/Poster by Pallavi Sen

I have photos of her that would break your heart

Juanita! Juanita! cry for the moon cry for the stars but, smile for the light you have been wounded ‘ but the wound is a punishment for you crossed the line feel the vividness for the agony that’s good

fill your voids

let there be light through the dark hole sweep the blood-shed tears

there’s still hope! - Priyanka Sarkar


A self-conflict experienced by free-spirited Charlie, who isn’t prepared to surrender to the dull and exhausting world, puts his foot down to break free from the norms. He is determined to bring back meaning into his colorless life by submerging in an ocean of nostalgia by recollecting his love for music, art, and dance. He stretches his limbs, breathes in the good energy and runs on the grass to feel more alive than ever. Taking inspiration from the highly ornated eighteenth-century aesthetics of Baroque, Charlie has been styled with a cloak representing his desire to remain timeless in this ever-evolving era

Photography by Ankit Aggawarl

Oh! My bud! Am I audible enough? Hi! Yes, it’s me CHARLIE... My reflexes tell me to retreat When there is no color, I feel trapped. When I can’t move from one place to other My reflexes tell me to retreat When I stay mum, I don’t understand the energy around me anymore. I am a colorful person Keep me close to art and I will be alright. Take me back to my purple bubble These plane walls make me sick where I can move and I feel like dancing, stretching every limb of my body. Breathe the good in.. Bad out! I see music and hear colors, inside my purple bubble. Take me back to my purple bubble! - Priyanka Sarkar


The film “NAMASTE” is an experimental short film and a design process for my final graduation project to support the literature review;

“Deciphering Psychedelia through Fashion and Visual Culture”

“Namaste” is an audio-visual experience of the journey to know the self, juxtaposing fashion and personal contemplation. Anna goes through identity crisis as an young adult and hits reality while realizing importance of happiness in small things such as blooming of flowers, cold wind in between hot summer, etc.

Photography by Ankit Aggawarl

Anna finds peace within herself after self-discovering her inner most fears as well as comes face to face with small things which makes her heavy mind light.


Luna becomes obsessed with her ideal man, who is nothing but an illusion. Her intention quickly takes over as she starts to weave her own sleep cycle with the help of hoppie lojens and falls prey to the darkness of a deceiving romance. The more the candy shows its magic, the more she gets sucked into the fool’s paradise.

Photography by Ankit Aggawarl

Luna slowly loses her sanity due to her increasing indulgence in her perfect love affair. While trying to fulfill her desires, she reaches an ecstatic state of mind and projects her own reality with more consumption of the hoppie lojens, which help her hop from one dream to another. Her dreamscape and reality intersect. She finds herself thrown into the darkness, amidst chaos, moving in spirals and drowning deep down only to let go. This is inspired from the rebellious era of rock n roll.

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